What is Rock Cancer C.A.R.E.’s GIVE HERE NOW initiative all about?
Building awareness about Rock Cancer C.A.R.E.’s many services and raising money to support those battling cancer right here in our local community. 100% of our efforts go toward helping patients right here in San Diego.

How does Rock Cancer C.A.R. E. know what living with cancer is really like?
Rock Cancer C.A.R.E. was founded in 2008 by Tamela Reed, a cancer survivor and mother of two. Her experience motivated her to start RCC. In addition to Tamela, a majority of RCC’s volunteers are survivors, caregivers, healthcare workers and others directly impacted by the realities of everyday life with cancer.

Click here to see Tamela’s story.

Click here to read our volunteers’ stories.

How is Rock Cancer C.A.R.E. involved with the Rock Church?
Rock Cancer C.A.R.E. started as ministry inside the Rock Church. The ministry grew very quickly and in order to achieve the vision for RCC, we became a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity, independent from the Rock Church.

Are you a faith-based group?
Yes, but our services are open to anyone. Cancer doesn’t see faith, color or creed and neither do we. We believe that prayer works and will provide prayer support only if asked.

How can I volunteer for Rock Cancer C.A.R.E.?
Our patient services, support groups and events are volunteer-driven. Click here to visit our Volunteer sign up page.

How is Rock Cancer C.A.R.E. different from other organizations?
There so many great organizations that provide resources and fund cancer research. That is critical to the fight against this disease. Our mission at Rock Cancer C.A.R.E. is to help patients with practical needs while battling cancer. We provide a wide variety of services including transportation, grocery and meal delivery, house cleaning, support groups and more.

Click here for the complete list of Rock Cancer C.A.R.E. services.

How do I know how donations are being used?
Rock Cancer C.A.R.E. is committed to showing donors the results of their gifts. We will share reports here at giveherenow.org, plus post updates via social media on twitter @rockcancercare & @giveherenow and Facebook so you can keep up with our daily activities.

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