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Rock Cancer Care About Us

GIVEHERENOW.org is a new initiative from Rock Cancer C.A.R.E. dedicated to growing support for cancer patients right here in San Diego. RCC was founded in 2008 to fill the gaps that left by insurance and research companies. While we think research is critical, our role is to help patients face the everday battles of cancer like getting to treatment, buying groceries, cleaning the house, taking care of the kids and more.

While we’d love to help everyone, everywhere, we’re starting with our hometown: San Diego. 100% of our efforts go toward assisting patients in the local community. RCC’s programs are also 100% voulnteer-driven. These incredible volunteers give their time, talents and efforts to add some joy to the lives (or “warriors” as we like to call them).

Rock Cancer Care in the community

It’s no small task to keep everything going. That’s why we’re launching GIVE HERE NOW, to raise awareness for our local cancer patients and the services RCC provides, while generating the support to maintain and grow our services. Today RCC services include:

  •  Transportation
  • Hospital Visitation
  •  Meal and Grocery Delivery
  •  House Cleaning
  •  Support Groups
  •  Laundry Service
  •  Bereavement Support and Resources
  •  Patient Advocacy
  •  Cancer Buddy Program
  •  Nanny Service
  •  Education and Awareness
  •  Survivor Peer Support
  •  Pet Walking
  •  Prayer
  •  Children’s Programs
  •  Special Occasion/Party Programs
  •  Tutoring for Children
  •  Resource Library

So what can you do? Donate, volunteer or partner with us to spread the word so we can continue bringing hope to our neighbors in need.

Click here for more information about Rock Cancer C.A.R.E.

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