Cancer Patient Needs Clothes To Wear!! Please Help!

We have a patient who is in need of clothes preferably something she can wear for Easter.  She has been invited to church by one of the Rock Cancer C.A.R.E. volunteers, but she does not have many clothes.  She suffers from depression and the fact that she has decided to go to church is amazing!  It’s even more amazing because she rarely leaves her house and after more than 3 yrs. Of Rock Cancer C.A.R.E. volunteers  inviting her she has finally said yes!  Her size is a 2X.  She needs undergarments and shoes also.  Is there anyone who has something you can give her she is willing to take second hand clothes?  She is very self-conscious so even though we explained to her that she does not need to dress up or worry about her clothes she would really like to go with decent clothes on!   Or if God lays it on your heart to get her a Layne Bryant or Catherine’s card that would be such a blessing.  We need to act fast Easter is right around the corner.  Please email and in the subject line put Easter Request.    



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