Cancer Buddy

Hello Volunteers,

We have a new patient that was just recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer and is having a very difficult time accepting that this is happening to her. She would like a ” CANCER BUDDY ” to call and offer her support and prayer on a weekly basis, and possibly in the future to accompany her to her appt.’s. She would prefer a female who has experienced breast cancer and is strong in their faith.
We need a volunteer who is very strong for her because I think she has alot of anger right now in regards to what is happening to her and she has many unanswered questions of what her diagnosis means and future treatments that she will encounter. She really wants prayer but we need to help her get past the Anger Stage so she can let God in.
If you are able to fill this request it would really mean a lot to this patient who is struggling spiritually right now.

Contact Ricky Aguirre [] if you can help.


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