We have a cancer patient who really needs your help!

If one volunteer per week would help this lady we could meet all her needs she is so desperate for help . This is an opportunity to put Pervasive hope in action. Please prayerfully consider helping this women 1 time per month. I need 4 volunteers to help her once per week and her needs could be met for the month of October. Just 2 hours per month. Is there anyone who can help this sweet lady in need? Please see details below.
Jane has been battling brain cancer since 1988 and she was a cancer child.
She attended UCLA but had to drop out due to her cancer. At one point in her life she was living in her car.
Her parent’s both live here but don’t offer her to much support. They feel she should be independent even with the cancer.
She has a strong spirit and positive attitude towards life. She says she owes everything to God and God is Great!
Here are her following requests that she needs help with:

1. CANCER BUDDY – Someone to talk to over the phone and in-home visits
2. LAUNDRY – She does not have any laundry facilities where she lives. She needs someone who could go to the Laundry mat or give her a ride to one. Right now she is hand washing her clothes in her bathtub. She used to take the bus, but it has become difficult and has changed routes.
3. SUPPORT GROUP – She would like to know if someone lives in her area who would be willing to give her a ride to our support group. On Mondays from 6:30 p.m. to 8pm.
4. MOVING and/or PACKING BOXES – She used to live in a 2 bedroom house and since she’s had to downsize she has a lot of stuff in her apartment. She was hoping we could help her with some boxes so she could start going through things and eventually moving them to her storage facility.
She kept telling me that she was embarrassed to have anyone in her apartment because of all the clutter.
5. She also wanted to know if someone could come once a week to help her take bags of trash out of her apartment. By trash, I think she meant stuff that she has been trying to go through and wants to get rid of. Someone with a small truck or mini-van might be helpful.
She does have stairs that are very difficult and is concerned with falling.
Thank you!


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