Hello Cancer C.A.R.E. Ministry!

We have an amazing opportunity to partake in a special event on April 21st from 3pm-5pm at the Rock.

Meet special guest and LIVING LEGEND CHARLOTTE GERSON of the world-renowned Gerson Institute, live and in person, to introduce Gerson Therapy that’s saved thousands of lives the world over! With one of two people “scheduled” for a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime in the United States today, this is need-to-know information! For anyone who knows the holistic community at all this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Also, hear from Robert Wright, founder of the American Anti-Cancer Institute who will be speaking on KILLING CANCER NOT PEOPLE. Learn the truth about PREVENTING & REVERSING cancer using natural substances-the why and the how.

If you know someone with cancer, lost someone because of it, are a survivor, or don’t even have cancer, this event is for YOU! Join Rock Cancer C.A.R.E. for this free fascinating conference on NATURE’S POWER OVER CANCER.

Q&A, one-on-one cancer coaching and book signing following.

Please register so we can be sure to have a seat for you.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!


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