An Acrostic Poem for Janet


Joyous smile that captures the heart
Admirable courage to battle this beast
Nourished by loving support and prayers
Every moment cherished
Tenacious spirit that shall conquer!

***Message from Janet***

Hey everyone! I’m working on setting up more drives today in my home office! 🙂 If you guys have any suggestions on locations, please let me know! A couple of things that would be really helpful right now would be:

1) Encourage your extended family and friends abroad to join in their respective country’s registry, especially if they are Asians living in China, Taiwan, HK, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, England, France, Philippines, and wherever any remnants of the Chinese diaspora may lead us.

2) If you work for a big Fortune 500 company with a lot of Asian American co-workers, see if they’d be interested in hosting a private corporate drive. (Examples from the past: Cisco, Microsoft)

3) If you know of any friends or family ready to give birth soon, please encourage them to donate their baby’s umbilical cord blood.

4) I still don’t have a suitable match. I don’t even have a cord blood match 😦 Let’s try to get all the drives in by late April. It will take 6 weeks to process.

Until next time, thanks for keeping me in your prayers and thoughts.



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