Leo Marquez, Stomach Cancer Survivor

After being sick for months I was diagnosed with stomach cancer. I heard about the Rock Church through friends and was asked to give God a try so that I would have someone to talk to and help me through whatever was going to come.

I also found out about a cancer support group with at Rock Cancer C.A.R.E. After two surgeries I was told I was cancer free. God really made a difference in the way my family and I have been fighting this disease.

I have never felt alone since we started putting our faith in God. I always felt I had someone to talk to. He has also changed the way I look at this time in my life and I have to come to believe that cancer has been the best thing to happen to me. It has changed my values and made me see how rich my life actually is. It has changed my family members in ways I never thought possible.

The Rock Cancer C.A.R.E. program has also given us so much; we have seen that we are not alone in this fight and that we have someone to turn to when times get tough.

{Update} Leo is now in remission. He and his wife Pricilla are now both active volunteers of RCC. They provide transportation for cancer patients on a regular basis.


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