Who is Janet?

Here’s the truth. Janet isn’t my “friend” in the conventional sense. I have never met her, never spoke with her, and may never meet her or speak to her. Why am I bothering to spend hours campaigning on her behalf via social media? Why am I spamming my friends’ Facebook pages with information on Janet, this complete stranger? It is simply because I see her through a loved one’s eyes.

When my father was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, I saw an organization’s commercial basically saying that they had a cure for cancer. They could offer a fighting chance. My father didn’t even go through chemo because his doctor said it was too late. He just received radiation to stop the spread of the cancer. This company offered hope. However, hope came at a price of over a $100,000 in liquid assets. Feebly, I asked if they accepted Medi-Cal and the representative apologetically said no. After a long, hard year of battling cancer, my beloved father went home to heaven on Good Friday of 2005. Just as heaven can’t be adequately described, the pain of losing a loved one can’t truly be articulated. The heart’s cry is so deep and reverberating that it forever changes the landscape of your soul.

Fast-forward to 2012. Tamela Reed, the founder of Rock Cancer C.A.R.E., gets contacted by one of Janet’s friends asking for support. Janet actually has a fighting chance to beat cancer. She doesn’t need $100,000 in liquid cash. She just needs a match and people willing to get their mouths swabbed to see if they are a match. Janet can beat cancer with our help. So, I will besiege my friends and my church’s fellow ministries with requests to spread the word and to get tested…because Janet is somebody’s daughter. Janet is somebody’s friend. And Janet is my friend.


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