Caleb’s Mountain

Rock Cancer Care

It has now been ten years that I have been in a battle with this leukemia.  Even at the young age of nine, I was fighting for my life and just as determined to live a life to the full, just as God intended.  I went the typical route of receiving chemotherapy for a little more than two years and responded exceptionally well.  I remember times I would receive chemo and then head straight to a flag-football game right after or to whatever sport I was involved in.  The truth is, I was a starter on virtually every team I joined and an all-star amongst my peers in every arena of competition I involved myself in.  I was the most athletic of all my friends; the captain of every playground sport, I had it all.  Most of you who know me understand that I like to refer to these days as “back in my prime.”  And it truly felt like it.  The truth is I still know my best days are ahead.  It’s difficult sometimes because I’ll be looking at pictures or remembering how I was back then and just think,’ did someone just fast forward the clock on my body 50 years?’  Seriously, if my lively, rambunctious, feisty nine-year-old former self were here today, he would take me down in five seconds.  No question, it would not even be funny… 

Visit Caleb’s website to read the rest of his testimony and battle with leukemia.

Caleb’s Mountain


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