Yih-Chi Russell, RCC Volunteer

Rock Cancer Care Volunteer Yih-ChiAs a cancer survivor, I have the privilege of meeting many cancer patients, caretakers and medical professionals. The needs and challenges around a cancer diagnosis are overwhelming and often times beyond anything one can comprehend.

From the physical collapse to mental distress, a patient and their family face many dilemmas before, during and after cancer treatments. Our health system and medical professionals are equipped to mend only part of the struggle surrounding a cancer diagnosis.

When I was a patient in New York, I looked for help everywhere I could find it. Within a dozen of non-profit organizations that I contacted, none of them could provide me with one ride. After I was in remission, I volunteered at hospitals and learned that there are just not many resources for cancer patients.

When I first learned about Rock Cancer C.A.R.E., I was amazed by the services and care they provide for cancer patients and their families. What RCC does is truly unique and simply stood out from the other cancer-related organizations. Founder Tamela is a survivor herself and understands the physical and mental needs.  Her vision has inspired hundreds of volunteers to come together and serve. From giving rides, delivering meals to delivering groceries, RCC takes care of the everyday needs for patients and their families. These needs may look small but they are essential for those who are in need.

RCC doesn’t only make an impact on its recipients, it is a bright light in such a trying time for people with pressing needs. RCC raises the bar among the medical and social work community. They are truly such a blessing to all who live in San Diego. That’s why I am proud to be a part of it.

Yih-Chi Russell
Volunteer as a Graphic Designer
Since December 2009


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