Ryan Bailey, RCC Volunteer

Rock Cancer Care Volunteers Ryan and SarahAll through my childhood my family and I were what Miles would call Chreasters, attending church on Christmas and Easter. We would attend the Methodist Church that my grandparents went to, where about 80% of the congregation was over 60.

One year my mom decided that my sister and I should go through the confirmation class offered by the church. It was there that I began to know the Lord. I then started attending the youth group (with all five other kids), bible study, worked in the nursery on Sundays and got involved in the church services. I had finally found the constant in my life that I had been searching for and felt more at home then I had ever felt before. I knew that God was always going to be there, and that he would always make a way.

I have been following the Lord ever since, and for the past nine years have attended the Rock Church in San Diego. I didn’t know where I would fit in, and began to try out different ministries. When I attended the first group meeting with Rock Cancer C.A.R.E., I realized how amazing it was and was hooked.

I’ve had many friends and family who battled with cancer and know first-hand the incredible stress it puts on a family. I watched as volunteers from this ministry poured love upon these families during incredibly difficult times and knew that this was where God wanted me to be. I have been serving with RCC for the last two years and watched lives be transformed and hearts renewed. The people that God touches through RCC would have no one if it was not for the body of Christ that serves in Rock Cancer C.A.R.E.

Ryan Bailey
Volunteer Coordinator
Volunteer since 2009


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